Avid Blu Cure™ LED Dental Curing Light

This revolutionary LED dental curing light utilizes a light emitting diode (LED) for polymerization of all CQ materials quickly and efficiently. Proprietary optics reduce divergence of the beam to maximize curing power in deep preps with more focused, more powerful and more effective curing. The feature of advanced beam collimation produces a wide beam width (10mm to 16mm diameter).

Included in kit: charger base, wall plug in adapter, 3 replacement lenses, 5 tacking tips, 100 depth of cure rings, Orbiter® Curing Light Eye Shield*, instruction manual

Features and Benefits

· Wide beam width (10mm-16mm)...
Eliminates the extra curing time required to overlap exposures on large restorations

· Shortened head angle provides easy access to posterior teeth...
Decreases patient discomfort

· Compact cordless design...
Curing on the go!

· 10,000 hour LEDs...
Infrequent charging required

· Advanced lithium ion battery...
Provides hours of hassle free operation

· Ergonomic pen-style construction...
Minimizes clinician strain

* The Orbiter® is a curing light eye shield that self-uprights and freely rotates protecting your vision from damaging blue light emissions when attached to the Avid Blu Cure™ Curing Light.

22.5.1 Avid Blu Cure

Avid Blu Cure™ Accessory Items:
22.5.2 Replacement Lens Caps - 5 pack
22.5.3 Replacement Tacking Tips - 5 pack
22.5.4 Depth of Cure Rings - 100 pack
22.5.5 Barrier Sleeves - 500 pack

Made in the U.S.A.

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