Avid Finish™ Prophy Paste

Finish with a smile! Use with the Avid Fit® Hygiene Handpiece, Avid Premier™ Hygiene Handpiece System, and Avid Fit® Disposasble Prophy Angles for less splatter! Avid Finish™ Prophy Paste contains a unique blend of polishing and cleaning agents which produces excellent stain removal and polishing performance. Avid Finish™ Prophy Paste is available in a variety of flavors and grits for your specific patient applications.

Features and Benefits

· Less splatter...
Patient and clinician satisfaction

· Dye free...
Perfect for patients with dye allergies

· Contains Xylitol and 1.23% Fluoride Ion...
Natural approach for cavity prevention and tooth decay

· Offered in the three most popular flavors...
Patient choice and preference

· Available in three different grits...
Produces excellent stain removal and polishing performance

· Gluten free...
Ideal for patients with gluten allergies

11.5.1 Mint - Fine Grit
11.5.2 Mint - Medium Grit
11.5.3 Mint - Coarse Grit
11.5.5 Cherry - Medium Grit
11.5.6 Cherry - Coarse Grit
11.5.7 Bubble Gum - Fine Grit

11.5.9 Mint and Bubble Gum - Fine Grit
11.5.10 Mint and Cherry - Medium Grit
11.5.11 Mint and Cherry - Coarse Grit

Conveniently packaged in 200 count containers

Made in the U.S.A.

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