TempOff® Provisional Remover

Quickly and easily remove temporaries of all types and brands including the newer generation bis-acryls. Precision crafted tips allow you to grip firmly and securely without fear of slippage. Higher incisal positioning allows forces to be transmitted to the temporary, not the tooth.

  • Small and Lightweight

  • Precision Hand Crafted

  • High Quality Surgical Stainless Steel

  • More efficient provisional removal with virtually no patient discomfort 

  • Crown Gripps™ - Disposable Sleeves

  • Crown Gripps™ slide onto the instrument beaks precisely and accurately

  • Grasp permanent restorations with confidence 

  • More professional alternative to using your fingers

  • Increases your field of vision during articulation

  • Easily frees up stuck crowns

  • Will not scratch, crack, or break crowns

    21.5.1 TempOff Provisional Remover
    21.5.2 Crown Gripps (60ct)

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